Vincent United Methodist is an open and diverse church with the goal of creating a safe sanctuary which allows all who enter to be their greatest spiritual and human selves. We offer worship, fellowship and service in many ways so that all are encouraged to receive and experience comfort, strength, love, hope, charity and stewardship with and for each other. Our further mission extends beyond our walls in order to faithfully fulfill God’s commands and promises For the latest up to date information regarding events and the latest news visit us at www.facebook.com/VUMCMinot.

Vincent United Methodist Church

Guideline for returning to in-person worship

The safety of our parishioners is our greatest concern.  Although we cannot eliminate all risks, we can help reduce the risk of contracting Covid- 19 by following the guidelines listed below.

 If you feel sick or have had exposure to someone who is sick, please stay home.


Plan for resuming small group gatherings:

*Attendance will be limited to less than 15 people

*Each group will need to provide a plan as to how they will maintain social distancing and cleanliness while participating in their group activities

* Small groups will be limited to using the fellowship hall due to it’s large size and ability to maintain adequate airflow.  Access to the kitchen will not be allowed.

*Small groups will need to scheduled meeting times through the church office as to not overbook the room and to allow time to schedule thorough cleaning between meetings

*All small group members will access the church through the South entrance and will be expected to go directly to the fellowship hall

* Hand sanitizer will be located by the entrance and in the fellowship hall.  We do recommend that each member wears their own protective face mask.

*Social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained throughout the groups’ activities

*Each group will be responsible for cleaning tables, chairs and other equipment used by that group which will be followed up by a thorough cleaning by the church custodian

*All individuals will again leave through the South entrance

Plan for resuming in-person Sunday worship services:

*Services will be held on Sunday morning and will be streamed online.  Saturday services will be suspended until further notice

*Coffee and fellowship before and after services will be suspended until further notice

*Nursery care services will be suspended until further notice

*Access to the church will be limited to the South and Southeast entrances to the narthex

*ND Smart informational posters will be displayed on all doors stressing the need to maintain social distancing of 6 feet and good hand hygiene

* Hand sanitizer will be located by the entrances.  We do recommend that each member wears their own protective face mask.

* Doors will be propped open so parishioners will not have to touch them

* Lingering in the narthex will be discouraged.  All parishioners will be encouraged to immediately proceed to the sanctuary.

*Access to pews will be strategically marked in order to maintain social distancing between family units.

*Ushers will be available to help with seating

*The pastor will use the Northeast entrance from the office to the sanctuary before and after the service. The congregation will be greeted by the pastor at the beginning of the service as a group instead of shaking individual hands before and after services

*No bulletins will be used.  Information will be on the overhead projector only.

*All Bibles and hymnals have been removed from the sanctuary.  Parishioners may bring their own Bibles for their individual use during worship

*Singing has been known to spread droplets/aerosols that carry the virus a substantial distance and keep them suspended in the air. Instead of singing, pre-recorded music will be played and the congregation is invited to simply listen.

*A drop box for offering will be provided to avoid passing the offering bags.

*For the immediate future, Communion will be offered online only. This is to avoid having individuals remove their masks and to avoid hand to mouth contact

*Once services are concluded, the congregation will remain seated in their pew until released by an usher.  Starting with the back rows, the congregation will be allowed to leave while maintaining adequate social distancing

*The congregation will be encouraged to go straight out to the front lawn/parking to reduce time in the narthex.

*Offering will be collected and counted by the ushers after services have ended and the sanctuary has emptied.  Gloves and hand sanitizer will be made available for those individuals

Online worshiping will continue to be made available. If you are an individual over 60 years old and/or have an underlying medical condition, we encourage you to continue participating in our church community by worshiping online.

Click Here to view a live stream of our service