The Vincent UMYF would like to send a special thank you to Rhonda Evanoff, Lisa Luft, and Jim Simons for their help during the October Lock-In. A great time was had by all and wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and dedication of these wonderful volunteers.
The Vincent Youth would like to thank the A-Men, Girls Morning Out, the Vincent United Methodist Women, Dean and Sally Verstraete, and the other members of the congregation that have supported the development of the new Youth room downstairs. The tables and chairs, television, refrigerator, and other amenities have been a welcome addition to our church. Thanks for the support!

As a reminder, the Vincent UMYF have an account at the Minot Recycling Center. All you have to do is take your recyclable items to the center and give them the phone number (838-4425) for the church. The UMYF are then able to receive tokens that are used throughout the year for special events

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