Vincent Stirrings

Belong. Believe. Become. 

Messy Church Prayer 

We exist as a congregation to: 'Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.'

Jesus Work: Where is God? 

What's the Least I Can Believe and Still be a Christian?
This week we'll consider the foundational question: Where is God?
Is God actually at work in the world? We'll explore some Scripture that explores this question.
I hope we might have a chance to worship together this Sunday!

Music in Worship

This weekend in worship we'll be singing some hymns that, at least for me, resonate as we live our faith.
I look forward to the chance to worship with music that often resonates beyond our hour or worship.

Wednesday during Lent Discussion

On Tuesday, January 31st @ 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall we anticipate sitting down and working through the schedule for Wednesday evenings during Lent. We have a few options on the table.
Reach out and let me know if you have additional thoughts.

Nursery During Worship

Children are welcome in worship!
As we explored the idea of having someone available for the nursery, it's looking like this will be put on hiatus status beginning in February.

Give Up Something Bad for Lent
Wednesday Morning Study

We chose a new book for our Wednesday morning small group. So far we've touched on on ideas like: What if we gave up bitterness, apathy, or discouragement for Lent?
This group meets at 10:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
No prereading is required. Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

This group is gathering at 7:00 pm or shortly thereafter. This group is early in the book title: "Why?'.
This book explores pain, suffering, and evil and our thoughts and responses as people of faith.
Prereading is not required.  Anyone can join in for the evening.

In the Hospital

We don't always find out that someone is in the hospital until after the fact. The church's number is 701-838-4425. Please know we appreciate knowing you are in the hospital. Pastor Mark's cell # is: 701-500-6773.

Prayer Chain

The Vincent Prayer chain is up and running.  If you have a Prayer Request, please know you can contact Judith at: or 701-484-1237. You may also contact the office and we'll get the information forwarded to Judith.

Miracle of Christmas Event - 2023

After meeting last night to reflect on this first event, we are planning for the Miracle of Christmas Event (2023) for December 13th, 2023.

Confirmation IS meeting this week.

Help Decide if this is an Appropriate Model for Vincent
Caring Congregations Seminar 

Tomorrow we'll gather in the library.  
On January 27th and January 28th, Vincent will be participating in a Dakotas Conference livestream with national known presenters from The Caring Congregation organization.
This training is expected to cover topics like: roles and responsibilities for people participating, evaluating the needs of the congregation and resources available, etc. There will also be specific work around areas like visitation, prayer, care for the dying, and more.
More information about the model can found at:
If you would like more information or are interested in participating, please reach out to me for more details.
The training is Fri from 2-7 pm and Sat from 9:00-4:30.

Cables Pulled

Thank you to Dick Hieb and Scott Evanoff for pulling cable as part of getting the wifi working throughout the building. This saved the church a substantial amount of money.
We anticipate the installation of the wireless hubs in the upcoming weeks. There will be an initial cost up front, then we anticipate having better service and recouping the installation costs over the upcoming months.

Telephone Services

Through our review of our SRT services, we discovered that we had two voicemails. We now have this whittled down to only one voicemail.
We are in the process of getting this consolidated and updated.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about any of this.

Insurance Review

Vincent's Trustees are also going through an insurance audit to review our insurance costs and to make sure we have the right coverage.

Messy Church Wednesday
Wednesdays Theme: Holy Spirit and Baptism 

Yesterday at Messy Church we considered: Who is Jesus?
Next Wednesday we'll be looking more closely at who Baptism and the Holy Spirit.
The meal is available from 5:15-5:55.
Following the meal we plan for a children friendly worship followed by crafts that align with the Scripture for the evening. The evening concludes by playing a game or two.
Please know you are invited and welcome!

Youth Group - Sunday @ 8:30 a.m.

2022 Giving Statements

2022 Giving Statements were mailed today.
Thank you for investing in the mission and ministry of Jesus through Vincent!

Twice Blessed

Today Vincent was recognized for our Blessing Box ministry and Bonnie Oakes accepted a check for over $4,000 from the St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation.
Thank you for helping to make this possible!

Warming House and Men's Winter Refuge

Vincent continues to prepare 35-40 meals every Tuesday afternoon for the Warming House and for the Men's Winter Refuge.
In addition to our faithful cooks from Vincent, we now have a rotating schedule between 9 & 10 graders from Central Campus and 8th Graders from Jim Hill. Thank you for your support of this ministry. Please know you are welcome to participate in the kitchen, bringing items for the posted meal, and/or by contributing financially.

Financial Information in Newsletter

The February newsletter will go out within the next week.
We continue to use the new framework of reporting finances to work to provide clear, concise financial information.
We first shared this format at Charge Conference in early November.
Month Behind
Please find a reminder that the information in the newsletter is technically for the previous month. (We can't finish the current month financially and simultaneously get the information out in the newsletter. In turn, your Finance and Leadership Teams will also have reviewed the information before it goes in the newsletter).
You will notice that the information shared in the newsletter will include balances available at the time in the General Fund, Capital Improvement Fund, and allocated to Special Activities. Combined, these accounts make up Vincent's overall checking account balance.
There will also be information included about the current Vincent UMC investments and Apportionments paid to date.


With winter weather upon us once again, please find ways we hope to communicate when the church office is closed due to weather.
1) Website
2) Facebook
3) KX News
5) Vincent Email
6) If there is an ACTIVE blizzard warning, the church will be closed unless otherwise noted.
We haven't been through the process yet this year. My understanding with the news stations is that the information will get published to their website, but will likely not show up on the scrolling banner on the TV.

Vincent UMC Goals

Is there a goal area that might interest you? Reach out and let's visit.
Our Goal areas are:
Goal 1: Update/Clarify a church directory (including our membership list)
Goal 2: Develop a Year-Round plan for Stewardship
Goal 3: Further Develop a Worship Team
Goal 4: Children and Youth Ministry
Goal 5: Begin a 3 Year Small Group Development Process
Goal 6: Caring / Visitation Ministries (this could also possibly include a digital discipleship component)
Goal 7:  Survey community partners
Please pray for guidance, unleashing, and progress in these goals in ways that help to further the Kingdom.  

Vincent Cares 

We exist as a congregation to:
 'Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.'  

Where God is nudging you

We now have 7 identified goal areas identified if God might be nudging you to take a step forward in ministry.  This is something we can only make progress on if we work on these goals together.