Vincent Stirrings

Messy Church Prayer 

We exist as a congregation to: 'Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.'


Come Home for Christmas: Prepare the Way 
Advent 2: Prepare the Way
If you're familiar with Handel's Messiah, you may recognize this weekend's Scripture from Malachi. We'll also be using Luke 3 to help frame worship for this coming Sunday.
Communion will be served this Sunday.
The Advent Class, after church, will again be gathering in the Outlook Room if you'd like to discuss the Scripture and themes from worship.
I hope we have the chance to worship together this weekend!

Music in Worship

1) Prelude: This weekend, during the Prelude, Michelle will be playing an Advent/Christmas Hymn that we won't otherwise be singing during Advent. The words won't be projected, but you are welcome to join in if you'd like to sing.
This weekend's song is 'O Sing a Song of Bethlehem.' It is in the United Methodist Hymnal (p. 179).
2) Choir: The choir is singing a Christmas Communion song.
3) Advent Hymn: Our middle song is 'Advent Hymn' by Christy Nockels. A link to it can be found here:
I'm looking forward to worshipping and singing together this weekend!

Advent Small Group after Worship

The Advent Small Group Discussion after worship continues this weekend. This group is focused on spending more time with the Scripture and theme from worship for the day. Please know you are welcome and invited to get a cup of coffee and gather in the Outlook Room for further reflection and discussion.

Youth Group - Here We Go!

LeAnne Johnson continues to prepare for the initial gathering for Youth Group on Wednesday, Dec. 7th at 6:30 pm in the Outlook Room.
I am thankful for LeAnne's leadership and thoughtfulness in helping to faithfully restart this ministry.

Advent Wreaths,
Christmas Around the World,
and a
No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

(December Messy Church) 

We are excited about Wednesday evenings after Thanksgiving!
December 7th: As Advent begins, we anticipate making child friendly Advent Wreaths and there may be some sharing of some Christian Christmas traditions from other cultures and/or from years ago.
December 14th: On Dec. 14th, if we have enough people present, we anticipate telling the Christmas Story through a No Rehearsal Christmas Program.
  • People of all ages are welcome to participate.
  • Any one who shows up is welcome to be part of the program.
  • There are no prior attendance or membership requirements.
Any and all are welcome to come be part of helping to proclaim the Christmas Story in a 'structured, yet impromptu' format.

Usher Sign Up

Returning to a time of Offering during worship, we are seeking 4 people to help in the process every Sunday. (We'll also be looking for 4 people to serve in this role at each of our Christmas Eve services).
There is a sign up sheet outside of the sanctuary if you might be interested in helping to serve on a Sunday in this role.
If you have questions, please ask.

Nursery During Worship

Children are welcome in worship!
At the same time, if the nursery might be a good option for you at any point during Sunday worship, Cindy Zumbaum will be available to staff the downstairs nursery.

Wednesday Morning Study

The Wednesday morning group continues in the the book titled 'Why?' 'Why?' wrestles with the idea of evil, pain and suffering in the lives of people of faith. This group meets at 10:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
No prereading is required. Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

This group is gathering at 7:00 pm or shortly thereafter. Yesterday, this group just started in the first few pages of the book 'Why?'. This book explores pain and suffering and our thoughts and responses as people of faith.
Prereading is not required. Anyone can stop by and join in for the evening.

Blessing Boxes Matching Grant

Christmas Items of Possible Interest

Christmas Eve Worship Times
December 24th - 3:00 pm
                                         5:00 pm
Christmas Gift to Vincent
    As you are giving Christmas gifts this Christmas season, we would like to invite you to consider giving a Christmas gift to Vincent UMC that is over and beyond your regular giving.
We have made significant progress in laying the foundation that will help us address the prior patterns of ending the year with a gap between income and expenses, and this is an ongoing process. If you have questions about any of this, I am more than willing to visit about it.  
Christmas Eve Offering
All the offering on Christmas Eve, unless otherwise designated, will be given to support missions that impact our community and world. This years recipients are: 1/3 Warming House, 1/3 Backpack Buddies, and 1/3 Domestic Violence Crisis Center.
Christmas Day Worship
December 25th - 9:30 am
New Year's Day Worship
January 1st - 9:30 am

Christmas Eve Offering

The offering taken on Christmas Eve at Vincent will be distributed in our community. The offerings (3:00 pm and 5:00 pm) from the Christmas Eve service, or given online, unless otherwise designated, will be divided equally between:
1) The Warming House / Men's Winter Refuge Meal we prepare each week
2) Backpack Buddies for students who might not otherwise have enough food over the weekend
3) The Domestic Violence Shelter in Minot

Christmas Envelopes

If you would like to give a Christmas Gift above and beyond your regular giving to Vincent, there are special Christmas themed envelopes in the pews.
There is also a special line on the website if this is a better option for you.
This offering will be used to reign in the income/expense gap Vincent has run over the past years.

Warming House and Men's Winter Refuge

Vincent continues to prepare 35-40 meals every Tuesday afternoon for the Warming House and for the Men's Winter Refuge.
In addition to our faithful cooks from Vincent, we now have a rotating schedule between 9 & 10 graders from Central Campus and 8th Graders from Jim Hill. Thank you for your support of this ministry. Please know you are welcome to participate in the kitchen, bringing items for the posted meal, and/or by contributing financially.

In the Hospital

We don't always find out that someone is in the hospital until after the fact. The church's number is 701-838-4425. Please know we appreciate knowing you are in the hospital. Pastor Mark's cell # is: 701-500-6773.

Donation Station Final Results!

2,029 POUNDS!
The goal was 1,000 pounds to receive the $1,000 grant to the Lord's Cupboard from the Minot Area Community Foundation.
Well done!
This effort was bigger than Vincent UMC.
A special thank you to Cummins Sales and Service and Little Legends for helping us make our goal.
We also had a special gift of over 60 turkeys given anonymously. These turkeys totaled 867 pounds.

Oven Update

We received an update on the ovens this week that indicated that the ovens are no longer scheduled to arrive in November.
Vincent's Trustees have been working closely with the Vendor. As we receive more information, we will continue to share it.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Financial Information in Newsletter

In the December newsletter you will find the information we first shared at Charge Conference a few weeks ago. This information is part of our efforts to continue to provide clarity and transparency around our financial stewardship.
Technically, we will be starting to report this information on January 1st. Since we  were ready to start introducing this new look, we wanted to start getting it out sooner so you might have a chance to see it and visit with us if you might have questions about what is included in the information.
Month Behind
As you review the information, please keep in mind that the information is technically a month behind the current month. (We can't finish the current month financially and simultaneously get the information out in the newsletter. In turn, your Finance and Leadership Teams will also have reviewed the information before it goes in the newsletter).
You will notice that the information shared in the newsletter will include balances available at the time in the General Fund, Capital Improvement Fund, and allocated to Special Activities. Combined, these accounts make up Vincent's overall checking account balance.
There will also be information included about the current Vincent UMC investments and Apportionments paid to date.

Time of Offering

We will continue to reintroduce an intentional time of offering to worship.
This Sunday, the offering will be received as part of the movement around Communion.
This is an intentional time to come before God and consider how much and what parts of our lives we offer to God as people of faith.


With winter weather upon us once again, please find ways we hope to communicate when the church office is closed due to weather.
1) Website
2) Facebook
3) KX News
5) Vincent Email
6) If there is an ACTIVE blizzard warning, the church will be closed unless otherwise noted.
We haven't been through the process yet this year. My understanding with the news stations is that the information will get published to their website, but will likely not show up on the scrolling banner on the TV.

Prayer Chain

The Vincent Prayer chain is up and running.  If you have a Prayer Request, please know you can contact Judith at: or 701-484-1237. You may also contact the office and we'll get the information forwarded to Judith.

Vincent UMC Goals

Is there a goal area that might interest you? Reach out and let's visit.
Our Goal areas are:
Goal 1: Update/Clarify a church directory (including our membership list)
Goal 2: Develop a Year-Round plan for Stewardship
Goal 3: Further Develop a Worship Team
Goal 4: Children and Youth Ministry
Goal 5: Begin a 3 Year Small Group Development Process
Goal 6: Caring / Visitation Ministries (this could also possibly include a digital discipleship component)
Goal 7:  Survey community partners
Please pray for guidance, unleashing, and progress in these goals in ways that help to further the Kingdom.  

Vincent Cares 

We exist as a congregation to:
 'Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.'  

Where God is nudging you

We now have 7 identified goal areas identified if God might be nudging you to take a step forward in ministry.  This is something we can only make progress on if we work on these goals together.