Vincent Stirrings


What about Pain and Suffering?:  Do you ever wonder about pain and suffering as a person of faith?  As real human beings, pain and suffering are a real part of life.  This weekend in worship we'll consider some Scripture as it relates to pain and suffering.
 Blessing Box Blessing: Your generosity was amazing!  We will pause during worship to bless all the food that was given to help restock the blessing boxes.
Ice Cream:  I heard a rumor that there will be ice cream and toppings after worship on Sunday to help celebrate your generosity and your faithfulness in looking beyond our walls to make a difference in our neighborhood.  
Breakthrough Prayer:  We had a great team from Vincent come together to create a Breakthrough Prayer as we continue to think about our fall ministries.  This prayer will be introduced in worship this weekend.  
I look forward to worshiping together this weekend in person and online  

Bright Lights  

It's no small feat to change the lights when they burn out on the ceiling at the front of the sanctuary.  This week Dick brought in a lift so He, Scott, and a small team of people could safely change these bulbs on the ceiling.  
There are so many ways to be in ministry and so many things like this that happen behind the scenes.  God has given each of us different gifts and we are at our best when we're working together and sharing these gifts to help make a difference.
Thank you for your ministries!   

Banner and Flags are Here 

The banner and the flags are here and paid for with separate gifts to purchase these items.
We anticipate these items offering another point of welcome while indicating when there are events going on at the church.   

Eyes around our Neighborhoods 

An event like a Block Party can be a time to offer an easy invitation to a family in the neighborhood.  I'm keeping my eyes open for some families I am planning to invite.
In early August, and then later in the month, I look forward to sharing a postcard with some of these families.  I'm hoping they might take the risk and stop by the Block Party for some food, some games, and to get to meet you. 

Conference Investment Rebate 

Part of Vincent's monthly payment to the Dakotas Conference goes into a Pension Fund that is invested through Wespath.  Wespath has a strong history of being good stewards of funds with which they've been entrusted.  
Because of the strong earnings last year, Vincent United Methodist Church received a 'Pension Rebate' of over $16,000 from the Dakotas Conference to be invested in mission and ministry.
Your Leadership Team intentionally considered how to best steward these unanticipated funds.
Currently the majority of Vincent's budget is comprised of building, grounds, and salary expenses.
Your Leadership Team, looking forward, set these funds aside to be used for outreach and children/youth ministry development and support.
If you have questions about any of this, please let me know and let's visit.

Music in Worship 

This weekend in worship we're singing classic favorites from the United Methodist Hymnal. (I wonder if you might have a favorite or favorites you lean into when life throws you a curveball.  The hymns we chose for this weekend are sometimes options that come up around this theme).  
Our middle song this weekend is 'I Know' by Big Daddy Weave.  'I Know' wrestles with this idea of a God who is good while acknowledging that pain and suffering are real.  If you might want a preview before Sunday, you can find it here:  Big Daddy Weave - I Know (Official Lyric Video) - Youtube video

Banner and Flags are Here 

The banner and the flags are here and paid for with separate gifts to purchase these items.
We anticipate these items offering another point of welcome while indicating when there are events going on at the church.   

Grab it. Fill it. Bring it. 

Extra Space: Sally and Irene got pretty creative this week to find temporary storage to organize and prepare all the food items that have come in over the past couple weeks.  They were creative in rearranging and repurposing some spaces that weren't currently being used.
Worship:  We anticipate pausing in worship this weekend to give thanks and offer a blessing related to what is currently happening around this ministry.  
Thank you for helping to make the hands and feet of Jesus tangible through Vincent UMC in our neighborhood!

Being a Back to School Blessing: 

Did you know that we had a small team come together to focus on how we support families who might not know how they are going to pay for the all the extra expenses that go along with getting ready for Back-to-School?
There are some pretty amazing things happening.
A few examples of what's developing:
  • We have salons and hair studios stepping forward offering free haircuts for students for back to school.
  • There are a couple local corporate sponsors who are taking a look at the possibility of participating with a ministry like this.
  • We hadn't even finalized everything around this, and we already had some seed money to help it get started.  
The details have come together.  More information will be shared this weekend in worship.    

Prayer Chain

The Vincent Prayer chain is up and running.  If you have a Prayer Request, please know you can contact Judith at: or 701-484-1237.  You may also contact the office and we'll get the information forwarded to Judith. 

In the Hospital

We don't always find out that someone is in the hospital until after the fact. The church's number is 701-838-4425.  Please know we appreciate knowing you are in the hospital.  My cell # is: 701-500-6773

Neighborhood Block Party 

Sunday, August 28th, after worship, Vincent is planning to host a neighborhood block party.  As kids and staff return to school, we're excited about offering an event right after church to help prepare to kick off the fall schedule.  Keep your eyes open for more details.  

Let the Children Come 

Have you ever walked around the church's neighborhood or looked outside when all the kids from Little Legends are riding their bikes in the parking lot or playing on the playground?
We are so fortunate that we have opportunities to build relationships with families, with children, with grandparents, and with a wide variety of people.
While the Gospel Message doesn't change, the way we build relationships and walk with one another shifts and changes with each generation (and sometimes even more quickly).
You have likely heard me say how excited I am to see how and where God continues to use Vincent to make a difference in people's lives. Together, seeing our neighborhood and community, we can, and we are, making a difference in real people's lives as we seek to live into being representatives for the Kingdom of God.  

Draw the Circle Small Group

The Wednesday evening Draw the Circle small group continues to work through this material.
This small group meets from 7:00 - 8:00 pm on Wednesday evenings.  No prereading is required if you might like to try it out.  

Acts Bible Study

Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 a.m.  
No prereading is required.  You are welcome to jump in any time and give this small group a try.

Gardens and Grass
Mowing and Watering Schedule Sign Up 

The gardens look great
There is a mowing and a watering sign-up schedule outside the chapel.  It takes a team to help keep the grounds alive and flourishing.  
Thanks to everyone helping make this happen!   

Rummage Sale Browsing 

If you like to hit rummage sales over the summer, keep in mind that on December 3rd we anticipate hosting a warm winter clothing giveaway.
If you find good, clean, winter clothing, these items are being collected for this event.   These items can be placed in the big boxes in the Outlook Room. (Or you can drop them by the office and we'll make sure the items get placed where they belong).
If you have questions, please ask.  Stay tuned for more details. 

New Ovens

This project continues to take shape.  You may or may not know that the ovens in the kitchen are many decades old and have served their purpose well.  Plans are in the works figuring out the necessary requirements for the new ovens, determining how to remove the current ovens, and determining how to pay for new ovens.  This is roughly a $20,000 project.   

Vincent UMC Goals

Is there a goal area that might interest you? Reach out and let's visit.
Our Goal areas are:
Goal 1: Update/Clarify a church directory (including our membership list)
Goal 2: Develop a Year-Round plan for Stewardship
Goal 3: Further Develop a Worship Team
Goal 4: Children and Youth Ministry
Goal 5: Begin a 3 Year Small Group Development Process
Goal 6: Caring / Visitation Ministries (this could also possibly include a digital discipleship component)
Goal 7:  Survey community partners
Please pray for guidance, unleashing, and progress in these goals in ways that help to further the Kingdom.  

Vincent Cares 

We exist as a congregation to:
 'Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.'  

Where God is nudging you

We now have 7 identified goal areas identified if God might be nudging you to take a step forward in ministry.  This is something we can only make progress on if we work on these goals together.