Pastor's Note 

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,
I was driving down my street this week and noticed vehicles stuffed with laundry baskets, lamps, comforters, and bikes strapped onto the backs of vehicles. Minot State students are beginning to return and gather. 
Friends and family are visiting and traveling to be with loved ones.
I walk around the neighborhood and I see little ones splashing in their little blow-up pools and running through the sprinklers with siblings and friends.
 I share this because I marvel at how different we are, and yet how connected we are. When we come together, God takes our offerings and multiples them in ways we might not even anticipate.
This has been my experience since arriving at Vincent in November.
  • Beginning with the new year, over 100 individual people from across Vincent came together, pressed into God’s presence, and considered the impact of prayer for 40 consecutive days. God took our individual efforts and multiplied them.
  • Through the winter, into the spring, and continuing through the summer, individual formal and informal leaders are helping to lead worship, caring for one another, caring for the building and grounds, and reaching into the neighborhood, community, and world. Working together, God receives our individual efforts and multiplies them.
  • As the Spirit continues to stir among us, God continues to take our individual efforts and multiply them.
    • We experienced this when Vincent started providing and serving through the Warming House ministry.
    • Our individual hearts broke and we responded when we saw what was happening in Ukraine. 
    • Individuals are offering time, groceries, and/or money, and God is multiplying these blessing box gifts in amazing ways.
    • Individuals continue to come together every week quilting to be a healing presence in our community.
    • Individually, flowers have been planted and the grass gets mowed. Together, God uses these efforts to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.
    • Currently, we see hair salons offering haircuts, shoes being purchased, and school supplies being bought. How God will use these is yet to be revealed.
    • We’ve talked individually and in groups about our concern for the future generations of the church. We’ve talked individually and corporately about building relationships and introducing Jesus to generations of people who might not otherwise have these opportunities. 
    • Individually, we can make a difference. Together with God’s help, our effort and real lives are impacted.
I hope you believe, as I do, that God has a vision for Vincent UMC.  
As the Spirit continues to stir we pray for wisdom and guidance to join with the Spirit so together we can be a difference maker for the Kingdom in our community. Our faith is a faith of relationships.
 We are in this together. We can't just point to a couple of people and tell them to do it. Together we're Vincent. Together we press into God and offer ourselves, our prayers, our gifts, and our witness, praying that God will multiply all that we offer.
I wonder if you might join me in considering our membership vows
Prayer: What if we each commit to praying our new breakthrough prayer every day? Together God multiples our actions.
Presence: What if we each commit to being in worship at least 75% of the time each month, whether it’s at Vincent, or somewhere we might be visiting out of town? What if we each commit to being present on a Wednesday evening one or two Wednesdays a month to help welcome and visit with people, or maybe even commit to using the gifts God has given us to help support or develop an activity the kids might try?
Gifts: What if we each evaluate our giving patterns alongside God’s purpose for us and His call on our lives?
Service: What if we each reflect on how and where God is calling us to be His hands, His feet, and His voice, and take a step forward together with our friends, family, and neighbors?
Witness: What if we each pray for God’s guidance in what this looks like in our own lives, and then we act on it with this movement called Vincent? Individually we can do good things. Together God can multiply our efforts to help transform the Kingdom.
Let’s pray: